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Publishers Service


Effective marketing and promotion A sales force of more than 32 people covering the entire country deals directly with buyers and points-of-sale, introducing new items, replacing catalogues, negotiating campaigns, etc. We are leaders in effective promotion at schools through our consolidated network of sales professionals.

Hand in hand with the publisher. We plan all of the marketing actions affecting the publisher's list of titles along with the publisher.

One interlocutor for each publisher.  We assign a Product Manager to each publishing company to advise them in all matters related to the distribution of their editorial products in the market.

A modern, centralised warehouse. Our 8000 m2 central warehouse, equipped with the latest management technology available in the market, houses some 18,000 references and their respective stocks.  Each year we ship more than 184,000 orders totalling more than 6,600,000 copies.

Advanced information systems.  We offer our publishers an effective online statistical reporting system (Extranet) that allows them to track the sales of their lists of titles regularly. (link to publishers' Extranet).