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SGEL is committed to e-commerce.

Our Zendis and E-Business divisions are now joined by Celeritas, making us a 360º e-commerce logistics operator.

We offer picking, packing, call centre, reverse logistics, home delivery, a network of convenience points (through Punto Celéritas and supplemented with our news-stands) and deliveries to the Canary Islands.

We offer state-of-the-art information solutions and technology. We work with specialised software (VMS, DRM, Track&trace) and can adapt to our clients' applications.

Numerous companies have placed their trust in us:  Glossybox, Ulabox, Imaginarium, Todovino, Enolobox, etc.

We offer our clients in the Canary Islands a competitive operational and fiscal solution that allows them to sell at prices similar to those on the peninsula.