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The fulfilment business is conducted under the Zendis name, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGEL.

Zendis is a company that specialises in comprehensive services for clients in the publishing sector.  Our philosophy is based on maximum transparency and highest quality in all processes.

Zendis satisfy the needs of its clients through a comprehensive subscription service and direct sales (fulfilment).

Our services include:

Customer care

  • More than 5 years of experience: information, new subscriptions, complaints, etc.
  • Monitoring calls and measuring 20 previously-agreed variables: management of external call centre.
  • Multiple order-taking channels: telephone, email, Internet, coupons.
  • Subscription service and management of single sales, reshipments and back orders.


  • Pick-up:  The product is collected at the location indicated by the client.
  • Shipping: a variety of delivery options is available: post, courier, home delivery, etc...
  • Storage: high capacity, with our own warehouses and permanent inventories.
  • Returns: controlled by bar code reader


  • Promotional actions.
  • Advisory services for defining advertising and telemarketing campaigns, loyalty-building programmes, marketing tools.
  • Segmentation, profiling, database management.


  • Invoicing and accounting for customers.
  • Effective debt collections, recovery of unpaid debts, specialised software.
  • Management of all forms of payment.
  • Unique application designed for order management that integrates all areas of the activity.


  • Product reception, handling and packaging for end customers.
  • Internet orders uploaded to ERP.

Our figures:

  • 450 000 calls answered, 5 000 000 items shipped, 500 000 end customers.
  • 5000 to 10 000 references handled, depending on campaign.
  • 761 000 invoices processed.
  • Active management of debt collections with a 37.8% recovery rate.
  • Recovery of invalid subscriptions, up to 70% recovery rate.

Director: Dorinda Martínez