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    Domestic Press

Sgel is the distributor of reference in dmagazine distribution and a specialist in collectable; our experience encompasses a wide range of subjects and frequencies, with more than two thousand publications distributed

We have a
highly qualified staff and the best distribution software to seek out demand and adapt our services to satisfy it.

We offer our publishers
the most complete information for decision-making purposes, including sales surveys, future sales forecasts, estimates of closed sales, the SGEL market evolution index and statistical information and multiple reports available online. We also provide online management of aspects of the commercial relationships between points-of-sale and distributors.

We provide a wide variety of logistical services including transport (nation-wide or local), storage, handling and packaging, among others.

We run
promotions at strategic points-of-sale. We also offer sampling and even promotional events in other locations.

Marketing channels: we are the exclusive suppliers of newspapers and magazines to petrol stations, food superstores and retail chain stores.